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With MultiLine, your team is connected and productive wherever they are. MultiLine is easily deployed to employees, both remote and in-office, and fits seamlessly into your existing workflows and tech stack.

Highest quality voice and messaging

Always Connected

Works on WiFI, data, and cellular networks—unlike VoIP-only or in-network solutions.

MultiLine equips your team with a solution that leads to no missed opportunities. Employees will be able to more effectively communicate with clients no matter where they are when they receive the call.

If an employee must miss a call, this is picked up by their separate MultiLine voicemail inbox, which ensures callers always hear a professional voicemail greeting.

Unlike most apps that deploy a second number, MultiLine uses patented technology that allows users to use high quality cellular voice in situations where Wi-Fi or Data is not available.

Yes, users are able to choose what network they use to make their calls.

Movius has developed ARYA, an AI-powered tool that analyzes calls, reports on call quality, and spots opportunities for improvement.

Works Everywhere

Flexible Devices

Meets everyone’s needs and preferences with a solution that is flexible and easy-to-use. MultiLine works from the mobile app, desktop, or directly within Salesforce or Microsoft Teams.

The mobile app is compatible with any smart phone and regardless of carrier. Employees using their personal phone for work are able to stay with the phone and carrier they prefer, increasing adoption.

Users can log into a web portal version of MultiLine from any browser.

MultiLine is available within Salesforce CRM as a utility. This utility allows calling and texting. This integration allows users to automatically log their calls and texts to customer accounts and easily add notes all within Salesforce.

MultiLine is available within Microsoft Teams as a messaging app and directly from the calls interface. Users can SMS and social message directly from the MultiLine messaging app.

Deploy completely over the Internet

Rapid Rollout

MultiLine simplifies onboarding for distributed teams and at-home workers with online provisioning. This provisioning can happen with the web-based Management Portal or with APIs.

MultiLine admins can invite users to MultiLine using an SMS or email invitation.

No, users can onboard MultiLine without connection to cellular networks.

No, users can use any smart phone or carrier.

Yes, you can bulk upload users by CSV or you can use our APIs.



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