Forwarding your desk phone to your cell phone is not compliant.

April 28, 2020


[Javier] (00:00):So one of the scenarios that we have come across quite often with clients is that when dealing with compliance scenarios and situations where people have to be working with mostly working from home sometimes they try to address the compliance challenges by simply call forwarding their existing landlines to their cell phones. So the rationale behind this is very logical. The landline is fully in compliance. It is properly recorded. So if I call forward from here to my cell phone, this call will also be compliant and recorded, and while it may look like a very good idea, it has a number of flows that can actually make you go into a non-compliance situation inadvertently very, very easily.

So one of the things that that can happen is that, for instance, you have an inbound call into your landline. It has been forwarded to your cell phone, and guess what? You just missed that call. So the next thing you check your cell phone and you see, hey, there was a missed call here and you just call back and without you noticing suddenly, that’s call return. The return that you just did is no longer in compliance. It is no longer going through your recording system and you have basically broken the regulations. It was inadvertently, there were no bad intentions here, but these are irrelevant. The call is not in compliance anymore. Now the challenge with this is that say as a user, there is no way that you can know that you are doing something wrong. Suddenly all your personal and business calls are going into the same phone through these call forwarding and if you miss a call, you don’t know what that was, was it a business call that you cannot return because you will be out of compliance? Or is it a personal call that can be returned? It is a catch-22 situation, and it doesn’t really thoughtfully a very good solution with these tracks.

Now, what do we do with MultiLine is that we have a very different approach. Multiline, I say, service, provides you full mobile recording and compliance. So all MultiLine calls will always be recorded within the service and delivered to your archival. Now when you receive a call in MultiLine, you get a visual indication of whether this is a personal or a business call that you can actually take it in the right way. And if you miss a call, the missed call notification, you will have the same indication. So you will be able to tell, okay, this was a business call, this was a personal call. Now let’s say that you just returned the call. You don’t even check it out, you don’t know whether it is personal or business. You just click on the missed call notification for MultiLine. You return the call. Our patented technology, our patented call-flows, that we have for MultiLine, will actually take care of the situation and they will ensure that this call goes through the MultiLine service – applying all compliance regulation and recording. So no more inadvertently returning a call and being out of compliance. We just naturally, without doing anything, are able to stay at all times 100% in compliance.

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